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Gjensyn med båtgraver

Solberg, B. 2008: Boat-graves revisited., Stavanger, Norway.

The present paper focuses upon Norwegian boat and ship graves with gaming objects. Three ship graves and seven boat graves include such objects.  Except for one boat grave all these graves represent male burials. Also in Sweden, Denmark, East Anglia and Normandy the boat and ship graves with gaming objects belong to men of the social elite. On one side the gaming objects may refer to pastimes and a lifestyle that separated the high status group from the rest of society. However, on the other side this may be a too simplified explanation. The gaming objects may communicate that board games may have served special purposes, for instance in rituals for foreseeing the future or the outcome of critical situations.

Bergljot Solberg, AHKR, Universitetet i Bergen, Øysteinsgt. 1, N-5007 Bergen.

Keywords: Boat grave, social elite, board games, gaming pieces, divination.
Emneord: båtgraver, sosial elite, brettspill, spillebrikker, spådom.


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