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Det grønne arkivskapet

Ingebretsen, N.E. 2008: The green filing cabinet., Stavanger. Norway

The paper is a tribute to Jenny-Rita Næss from the green filing cabinet at the Topographical Archive at the Museum of Archaeology, Stavanger. Jenny-Rita has been one of the driving forces behind the establishment and development of the museum, and she has in particular been enthusiastic concerning the work internally in the museum, amongst others concerning the establishment of the scientific archive.

Nina Elisabeth Ingebretsen, Arkeologisk museum i Stavanger, PO Box 478, N-4002 Stavanger, Norway. Telephone: (+47) 51846000. Telefax: (+47) 51846199. E-mail:

Key words: archives, Museum of Archaeology, Stavanger, Norway, Jenny-Rita Næss
Emneord: arkiver, Arkeologisk museum i Stavanger, Norge, Jenny-Rita Næss

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